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Bacon Pork Jerky

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Looking for the best bacon flavored snack around? You've found it. Big Jerk's bacon pork jerky is made with high-quality, dried pork with a robust bacon flavor to satisfy your biggest bacon cravings. All of our smoked jerky snacks are delivered in a vacuum sealed pouch to ensure its freshness upon arrival.

Buy the best jerky around for yourself or for your hiker, camper, fitness-buff, go-getting buddy, it doesn't matter, because the big jerk in your life will love Big Jerk's bacon pork jerky. 

All of our bags of 12 oz. Jerky comes vacuum sealed packages. After you open your jerky for the first time, be sure to store it in a paper bag and never plastic as it will affect the flavor.


  • Meat Type : Pork
  • Flavor : Bacon
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This bacon pork jerky was unbelievable. I can't wait to try more!

- Review by Kelly Hillman
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