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Get Big Jerk flavor in multiple snacking options! Satisfy your cravings with our flavor-packed meat snacks. Big Jerk jerky is made with premium cuts of meat and robust spices slow-cooked over hardwood to provide the smoky jerky taste you love. Some of our common jerky options include: Big Jerk's gourmet beef jerky, chicken jerky, and pork jerky.

The options don’t stop there! From these 3 meat options choose what gourmet jerky flavor you want to indulge in. Whether you choose our nitromethane beef jerky that will light your mouth on fire or our maple cherry chicken jerky, our jerky is sure to impress!

Besides our classic gourmet jerky, we also offer gourmet hot sauce, so you can put Big Jerk flavor on everything! Shop our selection of sauces that include flavors varying from the sweet Caribbean Lime to the tear-inducing Ghost Chile.

Or grab a bag of our gourmet popcorn. Available in flavors like sweet apple pie, classic cheddar cheese, or satisfy a chocolate craving with peanut butter and chocolate popcorn. And you can now get Big Jerk flavor in your drink with our gourmet Bloody Mary Mix. Treat yourself to a gourmet snack today!

Our gourmet hot sauce is here to rescue you from bland food! Add some spice with our siracha style hot sauce, or for the daring we have our Ghost Chile gourmet hot sauce. Check out our full selection below.
Jerky Flavors
Gas station jerky? Yeah right! That stuff wouldn't hold up in a fight with our gourmet beef jerky any day of the week. Taste the difference with our premium beef jerky flavors. Whether you try our spicy flamethrower beef jerky, our savory BBQ beef jerky, or our classic beef jerky, your taste buds are in for a real treat.