Published 01/16/2017

You’ve just finished packing for your big hiking trip to the Grand Canyon, which you’ve been planning for the past several months. You’ve got your backpack with all your supplies ready to go. Your hiking boots are finally broken-in and fitting snug. Your new UV-protecting Indiana Jones hat covers two bases, style and sun protection. Everything seems to be in order.

What are you missing?

We recommend bringing along a couple packs of our great tasting jerky. Having a quality snack selection can make or break the overall hike experience. Trust us, don’t skimp on the snacks.

Don’t believe us?

Close your eyes and ask the nearest coworker to read the rest of this aloud to you. They’re not busy and will be happy to.

Imagine this. You are hours in on the most beautiful hike of your life, winding through the majestic valleys of the Grand Canyon, and you stop at a breathtaking scene to take a short break. You spend a moment to appreciate the majesty that is surrounding you.

Then you remember that you took a break for a are tired. You sit down, take a quick drink of water and unzip the front compartment of your pack to grab a snack.

You find crushed-up, bland tasting granola bars. Your options are chalky ‘honey wheat,’ never-quite-satisfying ‘peanut delight,’ or chocolate chunk, which has been smashed into a hundred pieces in your pack.

You grimace in despair.

Open your eyes for a brief moment and reflect on the last time this has happened to you. Close your eyes again.

Now picture things a different way. Let’s reset the frame.

You are taking your first extended break after hiking through the colorful trailways of the Grand Canyon. You are fatigued but invigorated. You take in the sights surrounding you, and really appreciate the Grand Canyon in all its glory.

You take a quick drink of water, and then unzip the front compartment of your fanny pack (Yes, this time the snacks are in your fanny pack).

You find a bland looking granola bar, a small tube of reasonably enticing trail mix (it’s got M&Ms), and..low and behold..a pack of Cherry Maple Beef Jerky.

You raise both fists into the air.

End Scene.

So, it’s your decision.

The moral of the story? Don’t skimp on the snacks.

We’ve got the best.


Don’t skimp on the snacks.