Published 12/16/2016

The Christmas season will be here before you know it! In your last minute scramble of gift shopping what will you pick up as stocking stuffers?

Sure, you can add more sugary peppermint candy to your stockings you are gifting, but let’s be honest there is a thing as too much peppermint. How about catering to the tastebuds of the carnivores that you love?

Surprise them with the gift of premium jerky in their stocking!

Best Jerky for Gifting

We know what you’re thinking, who wants jerky in their stocking? We aren’t suggesting you pick up cheap beef jerky from a gas station….we’d never suggest that. Instead commit to giving a premium flavorful brand of jerky sure to impress the carnivores on your shopping list.

At Big Jerk we offer gourmet jerky options for all those on your list. Our meat options include those classic options you know and love like pork, chicken and beef jerky. However, what sets us apart is the different exotic meat options we offer for those a little more on the adventurous side. These exotic options include alligator, ostrich, alpaca, kangaroo and wild boar.

Think how surprised those on your Christmas list will be when they open their stocking to find alligator jerky!

Gourmet Jerky- A Flavorful Stocking Stuffer

Not only do we offer a wide array of meats for our premium jerky stock stuffers we offer flavor combinations sure to wow everyone left on your list.

For those who like sweeter flavors we offer our cherry maple beef jerky, one of our most popular flavor choices. A great balance of sweet and heat!

And for a spicy option there is our cajun jerky. This premium jerky is seasoned with cayenne pepper, black pepper, and chili pepper making it pack a heated punch in every bite. A great option for those carnivores who can’t get enough of their spicy foods.

Or maybe you know someone who just can’t get enough bacon? We suggest giving them the gift of bacon pork jerky. This gourmet jerky is made with high-quality dried pork and the flavor is sure to satisfy those bacon cravings.

The best part is if you want to surprise them with one bag or multiple bags in different flavors shipping is free! We offer free shipping straight to your door year round no matter how big or small an order might be.